Playing our part to tackle environmental issues and enhance communities

Woolbro Group is committed to protecting both people
and planet wherever we develop and build.

Forming part of our business strategy, our targets are set to continually improve our performance, with regular review points and official certification.

Our goals are ambitious but achievable: we want all of our future residential developments to receive a Five Star Home Quality Mark (HQM), and all of our commercial projects to be certified BREEAM ‘Excellent.’

As a socially conscious developer, we recognise that Britain’s housing market is far from perfect. That’s why we campaign in the media for practical, achievable ways of realising our vision of a property market that works for everyone. 

All of our developments have a tangible, positive impact on the communities in which we work. Whether that is building a community area, a children’s play park or making a financial contribution towards a local need — we want to leave neighbourhoods better off than they were before we arrived, in addition to creating new jobs and workspaces via our commercial developments.


This year marked a significant milestone for Woolbro Group’s journey towards sustainability. Having launched our own Environmental Action Plan — which has been independently verified by Green Small Business — we’ve taken the first steps towards improving the environmental performance of our business over the next year. 


  • Ensure that environmental performance is a priority in all of our work
  • Incorporate environmental considerations into our business decisions
  • Improve and continuously monitor our own environmental performance
  • Promote environmental awareness among our staff and suppliers 


The Woolbro Group team is collaborating to build an inclusive, supportive and positive workspace. 

We are placing protecting the environment and social impact at the core of our business, while also factoring these principles into our relationships with partners. 

This includes working with smaller, independent suppliers where possible — while also prioritising partners who have achieved Certified B Corp status, which demonstrates they share our commitment to inclusive and regenerative ways of working.